Spring 2021 Promotional Items
1. Click on the item you want to order, select the quantity, color & size
2. Click "add to cart"
3. Repeat steps 1-2 until you have all of your items placed in the shopping cart
4. Click on the shopping cart towards the top right hand corner & then click "view cart"
5. Review all of the items in your cart & make sure they are correct, click "checkout" **the total $ amount is your total mineral tonnage.
   i.e. $5 = 5 ton of mineral
6. Fill out the "shipping details", select "free shipping", select "pay offline", lastly click "place order" **all promotional items are free of 
   charge, but for total mineral tonnage purposes, items are calculated by dollar amount
7. You will see an order summary page, which means your order is complete
*ALL promotional items must be ordered on or before March 19th*

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