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J&R Distributing, Inc., also known as J&R Feeds, is a South Dakota owned regional livestock feed manufacturer. Located in Lake Norden, J&R sells swine, beef, dairy, poultry, and sheep feed. Additionally, we carry pet foods and a full line of specialty feeds for game birds and exotic animals. J&R Distributing, Inc. specializes in high quality, top-of-the-line nutrition products and rations. We formulate for our clients on a complete feed basis to a premix basis. We sell complete feeds, concentrates, base mixes, micro base mixes, and premix. We also handle a complete line of feed ingredients. No livestock feeding program is complete without the technical assistance that goes with it. On the nutrition side, we have in-house experts available to assist with ration balancing and many other needs your livestock operation may require from ventilation to management of the breeding herd. Our staff, in conjuction with the network of industry livestock experts, can find an answer to almost any livestock problem. We provide on-site consultations; telephone consultations; e-mail consultations; tissue/ serum sampling and interpretation; feed processing management consultations.

With the many challenges in the livestock industry today, producers look to use a wide range of ingredients for their livestock operation. J&R Distributing can help meet that need by providing custom formulations to fit every need. We also bid customer formulations. If your livestock operation is experiencing problems, we pride ourselves on formulations that eliminate problems with the breeding herd, growth problems, cost problems, or just about any other problem that arises. Customers can have their feed delivered right to the farm or mill by a professional team of delivery personnel using up-to-date equipment. Our delivery fleet includes bag trucks, bulk trucks, bag/bulk combination trucks, hopper bottom, and flatbeds. Customers can also pick up feed, both in bags or bulk from our warehouse.


J&R Distributing also services clients through a dealer network throughout the greater South Dakota region. J&R feed dealers are people experienced in the feed business who have availability to all the services J&R Distributing has available. Dealers are an extension of J&R Distributing’s service commitment to its customers. In addition to feed, J&R Distributing supplies all your animal health needs, from vaccines to a full line of feed medications. We work closely with top veterinarians to monitor closely what is new in animal health.


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